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Cheryl Ladd

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Basic Information

Cheryl Ladd

Date of Birth: 12 July 1951
Place of Birth: Huron, South Dakota, USA
Birth Name: Cheryl Jean Stoppelmoor
Height: 5' 4" (1.63 m)


Cheryl Ladd (born Cheryl Jean Stoppelmoor; July 12, 1951) is an American actress, singer and author. Ladd is best known for her role as Kris Munroe in the television series Charlie's Angels, hired amid a swirl of publicity prior to its second season in 1977 to replace the departing Farrah Fawcett-Majors. Ladd remained with the show for the rest of its run, until its cancellation in 1981.

Personal life

Ladd was born Cheryl Jean Stoppelmoor in Huron, South Dakota, the daughter of Dolores (née Katz), a waitress, and Marion Stoppelmoor, a railroad engineer. She married fellow actor David Ladd, son of the famous actor Alan Ladd, with whom she had a daughter, Jordan. She took his surname as her own, which she kept after their divorce. She has been married to music producer Bryan Russell since 1981, and has a stepdaughter, Lindsay Russell. Ladd is a celebrity ambassador for the child abuse prevention and treatment non-profit Childhelp. In an interview, Ladd told the TBN network that she is a born again Christian.


Ladd initially came to Hollywood in 1970 to begin a career in music (she was known as "Cherie Moor" when she was the singing voice of Melody on Hanna-Barbera's Josie and the Pussycats animated series). She soon began to land non-singing roles in commercials and episodic television - including guest appearances on shows such as The Rookies, The Partridge Family and Happy Days - which became the focus of her career throughout much of the decade until her role in Charlie's Angels. That series made her an overnight star, and Ladd took the opportunity of her sudden popularity to further pursue her musical interests, guest-starring in musical-comedy variety series and specials, performing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl XIV in January 1980, and releasing three albums, enjoying a Top 40 Hot 100 single and a Gold record. In September 2000, Ladd starred on Broadway, taking over the title role from Bernadette Peters in a revival of Irving Berlin's Annie Get Your Gun. She played the role until January 2001, when Reba McEntire took over.

Following Charlie's Angels, Ladd remained a familiar face on television and has starred in more than 30 made for television movies, including a coveted role as Grace Kelly, the Philadelphia heiress who became a Hollywood glamour girl and then a European princess, in a biopic that was begun shortly before Kelly's death. She also starred in feature films such as Purple Hearts, Millennium, Poison Ivy (featuring Drew Barrymore, who later starred in the film adaptions of Charlie's Angels) and Permanent Midnight. Ladd had the lead role in the television series One West Waikiki (1994–96), and made guest appearances in other TV shows such as Charmed, Hope and Faith and CSI:Miami. From 2003 until the show's cancellation in 2008, Ladd played Jillian Deline, the wife of the lead character Ed Deline (James Caan), in 28 episodes of the television drama Las Vegas.

In 1996, Ladd published a children's book, The Adventures of Little Nettie Windship. In 2005, she published Token Chick: A Woman’s Guide To Golfing With The Boys, an autobiographical book which focused on her love of golf. For several years, Ladd hosted a golf tournament sponsored by Buick.

On April 17, 2010, Ladd, along with her co-angel, Jaclyn Smith, accepted the "2010 TV Land Pop Culture Award" for Charlie's Angels.

Currently in 2010, Ladd is filming a new TV movie tilted, "Love's Resounding Courage" for the Hallmark Channel. The film is set to air late 2010 or early 2011.


  • Josie and the Pussycats (1970)
  • Cheryl Ladd (1978) - The single "Think It Over" peaked at #34 on the Billboard music chart in the United States. The track "Walking In The Rain" was used as an ending song for Charlie's Angels in Japan and was released as a single, while the song "I'll Never Love This Way Again" was recorded by Dionne Warwick the following year. The Album reached #129.
  • Dance Forever (1979) - The title track was also the closing theme of Charlie's Angels in Japan and was released as an EP, while the song "Where Is Someone To Love Me" was the theme of a Japanese whisky TV commercial featuring Ladd herself. The Album reached #179 in the United States.
  • Take a Chance (1981, in Japan)
  • You Make It Beautiful (1982, mini album in Tokyo, Japan)

Television credits

As Cheryl Stoppelmoor/Cherie Moor

  • Josie and the Pussycats (1970)
  • The Ken Berry 'Wow' Show (1971)
  • Double Identity (1971)
  • The Rookies (2 episodes, 1972–1973)
  • Harry O ("Such Dust As Dreams Are Made On" 1973)
  • Ironside (1973)
  • Search (1973)
  • Satan's School for Girls (1973)
  • The Partridge Family (1973)
  • The Streets of San Francisco (1974)
  • Harry O (1974)
  • Switch (1975)
  • Evil in the Deep (1976)
  • Police Woman (1977)

As Cheryl Ladd

  • Police Story
  • Happy Days ("Wish Upon A Star" 1974)
  • The Fantastic Journey ("The Innocent Prey" 1977)
  • The San Pedro Beach Bums (1977)
  • Charlie's Angels (TV series) (1977–1981)
  • The Battle of The Network Stars (1977)
  • The Sentry Collection Presents Ben Vereen: His Roots (1978)
  • The Muppet Show (1978)
  • Carol Burnett & Company
  • When She Was Bad... (1979)
  • "Super Bowl XIV" (Performance of national anthem, 1980)
  • The Hasty Heart (1983)
  • Kentucky Woman (1983)
  • Grace Kelly (1983)
  • Now and Forever (1983)
  • Romance on the Orient Express (1985)
  • A Death in California (1985)
  • The Twelfth Annual People's Choice Awards
  • Crossings (1986)
  • Deadly Care (1987)
  • Bluegrass (1988)
  • The Fulfillment of Mary Gray (1989)
  • Millennium (1989)
  • Jekyll & Hyde (1990)
  • The Girl Who Came Between Them (1990)
  • Crash: The Mystery of Flight 1501 (1990)
  • Changes (1991)
  • Locked Up: A Mother's Rage (1991)
  • Dead Before Dawn (1993)
  • Broken Promises: Taking Emily Back (1993)
  • Dancing with Danger (1994)
  • One West Waikiki (1994–1996)
  • Kiss and Tell (1996)
  • The Haunting of Lisa (1996)
  • Vows of Deception (1996)
  • Ink (1997)
  • Every Mother's Worst Fear (1998)
  • Perfect Little Angels (1998)
  • Jesse (1999)
  • Michael Landon, the Father I Knew (1999)
  • Two Guys and a Girl (1999–2000)
  • Her Best Friend's Husband (2002)
  • Charmed (2003)
  • The Yesterday Show with Johnny Kerwin (2004)
  • Hope & Faith (2004)
  • Eve's Christmas (2004)
  • Though None Go with Me (2006)
  • Las Vegas (2003–2008)
  • Holiday Baggage (2008)
  • CSI:Miami ("Bolt Action" 2009)
  • Love's Resounding Courage (2010)


  • The Treasure of Jamacia Reef (1975) (as Cheryl Stoppelmoor)
  • Purple Hearts (1984)
  • Lisa (1989)
  • Millennium (1989)
  • Poison Ivy (1992)
  • Permanent Midnight (1998)
  • A Dog of Flanders (1999)
  • Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (DVD Director's Cut Unrated version 2007) Herself (cameo)


  • Mother of Jordan Ladd.
  • Stepdaughter, Lindsay Russell, born 1977, is an aspiring musician.
  • During high school in Huron, South Dakota, Ladd waited on cars at the local carhop, The Barn.
  • Has a younger brother named Seth.
  • High school cheerleader in Huron.
  • Measurements: 34-22 1/2-33 (as a young model), 35C-23-34 (as the new "Angel" in 1977), (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine).
  • Was considered for the role eventually played by Meredith Baxter on "Family" (1976), which is how she came to producer Aaron Spelling's attention for "Charlie's Angels" (1976).
  • Former Mother-in-law of Conor O'Neill.
  • In 1978, a listener wrote into Casey Kasem's "American Top 40" radio show, requesting a long-distance dedication (a weekly feature) to Cheryl, asking her to his high school prom. She personally telephoned the boy with her regrets and he thought it was his friends playing a prank. The song in question, Cheryl's "Think It Over", peaked at #36.
  • Former sister-in-law of Alan Ladd Jr. and Alana Ladd.
  • Ex-daughter-in-law of Alan Ladd and Sue Carol.
  • Her publicist is Jay D. Schwartz.
  • Was the first choice for the lead role in the TV movie The Burning Bed (1984) (TV), but declined the part. The role eventually went to Farrah Fawcett, whom Ladd had replaced on "Charlie's Angels" (1976).
  • Former sister-in-law of Alana Ladd.
  • Longtime friend and next-door neighbor of John Forsythe.