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Welcome to Celeb Nude Wiki - The Encyclopedia of Nude Celebs

On behalf of each and everyone involved in this celebrity project, we'd like to welcome you to our website and hope you have a great time here with us at the Celeb Nude Wiki.


Who created the Celeb Nude Wiki project?

We are a group of serious celebrity lovers, collectors and web-developers. Most of us have spent decades online in gathering video clips, celebrity photos, nude celeb videos, and practically anything celeb. It is an obsession of ours, and now we decided to share it with the world in this celeb wiki project.

We decided to group together and team up in this big project to deliver to everyone online and all celeb lovers out there, a one single source for all your celeb nudity needs. Especially because we believe that nude celeb videos, and material regarding celebrity nudity should be shared among us for free, celeb lovers everywhere.

Our mission @ Celeb Nude Wiki

We, as a group of celeb nudity lovers, collectors , believe that celeb nudity and its related material should be shared amongst us celeb lovers completely for free, whether it is nude celeb videos, clips, images, reviews regarding upcoming nudity and celeb nudity alerts. This is why we decided to create this Wiki, where anyone can come, and be able to download almost any nudity scene with almost any celebrity, regardless of whether it is a video clip, a scanned photo from a magazine, a screen cap. We are a group of many people dedicated to serving this website by updating it daily with tons of various materials, videos, photos, blog entries, reviews and we are trying our best to keep this website as clean and interactive as possible for all celeb lovers out there to come here FIRST before going anywhere else, to be able to find their favorite celebrity naked. In short, our mission is to become the number one source for anything related to celeb nudity, whether it is videos you seek, photos, non biased reviews of other quality celeb sites, rare authentic material which you cannot find elsewhere. You name it and we will get it for you. As long as it is celeb and as long as it is nude.

Is Celeb Nude Wiki a paysite?

The real question you should be asking yourself here is: "Is there such a thing as a free celebrity website?" We have been online long enough to know that there is no such thing as a free website. Lets break it down a little, and see what we end up with:

Free websites:

Sure you can browse forums and blogs and download for free some clips from various "free" websites for sharing files online, and there are tons of sites out there claiming to be free websites for sharing materials and files of any sort, like rapidshare, megaupload and a million other sites i am sure you know of.

But that can only be useful if you're looking for a certain file or video, but not if you're a serious collector and a leecher who wishes to download lots of celeb clips at the same time. Actually you'll find most of these file sharing websites have the following disadvantages:

  • Very expensive, cause they charge you between $5 and $10 per month, sometimes more than that, then you find yourself under limited bandwidth of 2-5 gigabytes per day, which is nothing for serious collectors.
  • Sometimes they're very disappointing when you spend months looking for one rare clip, and you find its link on these file sharing websites, and then when you go there, you find that the file have been removed and deleted for some reason.
  • These sharing sites are not specific in niche for serious celeb lovers, and also there is no way of browsing them, you have to keep searching and browsing all day long wasting your time, in various forums and blogs, just to get the link, while here you check only one browsable and fully searchable website.

Celeb forums and celeb blogs:

As for forums and blogs, usually some of them can be really good for finding celeb videos, but then again, you have to search through endless posts between spam, lame posts, old duplicates, to find what you want, plus, they usually do not host their own files and will simply direct you to some filesharing website where the actual file is located, or even deleted or removed, and if they did host their own files, you will find them to be pay per access.


As for paysites, there are a lot of paysites out there, and many of them are really quite good,you can check those out in our celeb site review section, but there are some disadvantages to those as well :

  • Some of them can be expensive and charge as high as $30 per month.
  • Some of them have low quality celeb videos and video formats.
  • Some of them can have very poor celeb content and they do not have what they claim to have.
  • Most of them are owned by one person only, so they have limited amount of content, or celebs of specific nationality only, so if you like Italian celebs, Spanish celebs and American celebs for example, you will need to buy subscriptions to 3 different paysites, each for $20-$30 a month.
  • Some celeb sites actually limit bandwidth for users even after you pay to signup.
  • Many celeb sites have duplicate content and duplicate celeb videos and photos which can be frustrating for collectors
  • Not all celeb sites have rare material that is hard to find.

Advantages of membership here at Celeb Nude Wiki

Here at Celeb Nude Wiki, we try to succeed where others have failed, since we're a large group of celeb collectors involved with this project you will find on our website that:

  • We have no duplicate clips, we will replace however each scene with the best version of a certain clip.
  • There is no download limit for any of our users.
  • If she is a celeb, you will find her here, no matter what her nationality is. ( American Celeb, Canadian Celeb, Australian Celeb, Brazilian Celeb, Spanish Celeb, Mexican Celeb, Portuguese Celeb, Russian Celeb, Indian Celeb, Phillipino Celeb, Asian Celeb, Korean Celeb, Iranian Celeb, Arabic Celeb, Japanese Celeb. )You will find it here.
  • Only here you can find rare celeb video clips that you probably won't find elsewhere.
  • We take requests seriously, and you can always reach any of our team members 24/7 since we live at different time zones.

You can write us anytime with any issue or request at

  • We'd like to think of ourselves as a free celeb site. We all know bandwidth costs anyone money, whether on a webserver or at home, bandwidth costs money, we charge barely enough for us to cover the huge bandwidth fees involved with this great project, and we appreciate your support. We're not as resourceful as Google to offer free terrabytes of data unfortunately.

So at $10 a month, you're getting a good deal.

This money will go into paying bandwith, the running costs of the website, payments and salaries for all our reviewers and webmasters and admins, since their main job now is to spend time online working on this project.

What can you expect to see here at Celeb Nude Wiki?

Well, we just started this project, and we're updating the website like crazy at a rate of 100 new clips per day or more, to view a downloadable list of our daily updates, you can always check The Recent Changes Page , however because adding comprehensive reviews takes time to type all this well thought of text manually, with as many reviewers as we currently have employed, we try to update the Movie, Tv-Shows and Actress Pages at a rate of 100 new pages per day.Eventually here is what you can expect from our team at Celeb Nude Wiki:

  • Over 100,000 nude celeb video clips.
  • No duplicate celeb videos. We do add Hi-Def videos as an extra addition to existing versions though, since not everyone can play those yet on old PCs, so if we have a Hi-Def video, you will always find a non Hi-Def version of it somewhere.
  • Mostly highest quality available online for any given scene.
  • Very rare celeb videos and material.
  • All kinds of celebs from all nationalities you can think of, which includes, and are not limited to: Italian, French, American, Australian, Arabic, Mexican, Russian, Finnish, Korean, Chinese, the list is endless...
  • Movie reviews with over 50,000 movie reviews and 100,000 nudity scene reviews.
  • Celeb biographies for over 50,000 celebs.
  • Celeb news and upcoming nudity scenes to look out for in theaters.
  • Pre-release DVD caps and video clips.
  • Very fast response to users' requests and excellent 24/7 support.Simply send an email to
  • Comprehensive reviews for hundreds of high quality celeb sites, paysites, and free sites

There lots of advantages to being a member of our Wiki. You are free to browse our library at your own leisure. See what you get for your money. However, as time goes by, we also will raise our membership fees, so be quick to make up your mind. If you sign up today, you will get that price for each month, no matter how much we raise the membership fees in the future, as long as you haven't canceled your membership.


This section is for webmasters only, please check below for various options of partnerships for fellow webmasters.

Link Trade

We here at Celeb Nude Wiki, always welcome webmasters to link trade with us, no matter how big or small your website is, as long as you follow our link trading rules, which are listed below, and which are very reasonable as you will see:

  • We require for you to have a website in our own niche, i.e a Celeb Site, to exchange links with.
  • Your site should have real content and should have something to offer for web surfers.
  • Your site can be a forum, a blog, a wordpress article, a wiki, a gallery, a standard website, a TGP, as long as it is Celeb and offers real content.
  • Your site must not contain any malware or adware that automatically loads on surfers computers or too much annoying popups that load spyware or malware.

If you think your site fits in the above rules, please link to us by:

  • Adding our button at the footer of your page by copying and pasting the following html on the bottom of the page you wish to trade links with:
 <a href="" target="_blank">
 <img src="" 
 alt="Proudly Listed @ Celeb Nude Wiki - The Encyclopedia Of Nude Celebs" width="100" height="100" 
 longdesc="" /></a>

  • Add a text link, linking back to any page on our Celeb Nude Wiki, using the Text Anchor: Celeb Nude Wiki - The Encyclopedia Of Nude Celebs.
  • Since we're flexible, if neither of the above options can fit into your design, feel free to link to any of our pages using any text anchor you like.

After you have added a link to us, please send us an email to and your link will be added on our website within 12 hours if your site was approved.

If your site was not approved, we will still contact you within 12 hours giving you the reasons and offer a resolution on how to fix this, if you were interested in a link trade with us.

If you do not yet trust our swiftly replying team of administrators, just send us an email first with the link trade details, and we shall add your link first, then you can add our link on your website.

Link Exchange

For those webmasters who differentiate between a link trade, and a link exchange, please drop us an email at with the exchange details, and what ideas you have in mind, and we will be more than happy with a link exchange, whether it is A-->B or A-->B-->C , three-way triangle link exchange.

Advertise with us

For advertising opportunities with us, please send us an email at

Request a review

If you have a celeb paysite, and you wish our team to review your celeb site on the wiki, please prepare a username and password for us to login to your website, and email us your request for the review with our access info to

  • Please make sure our access info will work for a week from the time you have sent the review request, so that we will be able to check out your website and write a comprehensive review.
  • You can remove our access after we have reviewed the website.
  • We will notify you by email before we start and once we finish your review, which will take not more than 7 days.
  • You, as well as our visitors, will be able to see your review online once posted, on this review page.
  • You do not have to have a reseller account for us to review your site, but if you have one, we shall reserve the right to sign up to it and use it.

Join Our affiliate program

You can now make 50% of all our initial and recurring signups, noting that we have the highest retention rate in business.You can sign up as our affiliate by going to this page and clicking on "Sign me up as affiliate!" button, on the left menu.

Submit a celeb photo gallery

To increase your traffic, and to get more specific, targeted, highly converting celeb traffic from us, feel free to submit galleries to our TGP , that is updated daily.

For your gallery to be accepted it must follow the following rules:

  • Must be free of spyware, or malware, or any scripts that load viscious code on the user's computer.
  • The gallery must have reasonable amount of content with reasonable quality.
  • The gallery must have either a text link, or a button linking back to ANY of our pages on this website.
For linking instructions, to link back to us, check here

After you have added our links to your galleries, send us an email with links to your galleries and your required anchor text, send us an email at, and your galleries will appear within the same day on this page

  • Your gallery must have a maximum of 5 links to other websites, not more.

Submit a movie gallery

Submitting a celeb movie gallery to us, is very similar to submitting a photo gallery, please read the above section. Same rules apply, simply the gallery should contain video clip(s) instead of photos.