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Emily Lloyd

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Basic Information

Emily Lloyd

Date of Birth: 29 September 1970
Place of Birth: London, England, UK
Birth Name: Emily Lloyd Pack
Height: 5' 7½" (1.71 m)


Emily Lloyd (born Emily Lloyd Pack; 29 September 1970) is an English actress.

Early life

Lloyd was born in London, the daughter of Sheila (née Laden), a theatrical agent who was a longtime secretary at Harold Pinter's stage agency, and Roger Lloyd Pack, who is familiar as a stage actor and well known as Trigger in the British hit sitcom Only Fools and Horses. Her grandfather Charles Lloyd Pack was also a stage and film actor and had appeared in films including The Mirror Crack'd, If...., The Three Worlds of Gulliver and Dracula. Her parents divorced when she was two, and she and her younger sister Charlotte grew up with their mother.


At age 15 she was taking acting lessons at the Italia Conti School in London. In 1986, director David Leland cast her for the leading role in his movie Wish You Were Here. The movie was based loosely on the youth memoirs of British madam Cynthia Payne. Lloyd's younger sister played the 11-year-old Lynda in a flashback sequence.

Wish You Were Here was a surprising success at the 1987 Cannes Film Festival and Lloyd was celebrated as new and fresh talent. She received the Evening Standard Film Award and the Award of the National Society of Film Critics in 1987. She was also nominated for a BAFTA award.

In 1988, she appeared in Cookie by Susan Seidelman and In Country by Norman Jewison, but both movies were box office flops. Her next film was Chicago Joe and the Showgirl. It was directed by Bernard Rose and David Yallop's screenplay based on the well-known Cleft chin murder case from war-torn London.

In 1988 she was in talks for the movie Scandal (about the Profumo affair). But because she was too young for that role her part went to Bridget Fonda. In 1989 she received an offer for the movie Mermaids by Richard Benjamin. Due to problems with the film's star, Cher, who was of the opinion that Lloyd didn't fit as her onscreen daughter, she lost the role to Winona Ryder. She sued Orion Pictures and received $175,000 in damages. In 1992 she was scheduled to appear in Husbands and Wives by Woody Allen, but after Allen shot some takes with Lloyd he thought that it wasn't working and so Juliette Lewis took over the role. Later in 1992 she appeared in her most successful movie to date: A River Runs Through It, Robert Redford's screen adaptation of the eponymous novel by Norman MacLean. In 1995 she lost the title role in the movie Tank Girl, apparently refusing to shave her head, so the role went to Lori Petty. In the following years, she appeared mostly in B-movies or in films which were either ignored by the audience or received poor reviews. In 1997, she appeared in a supporting role in the critically acclaimed film Welcome to Sarajevo by Michael Winterbottom.

Her first attempt as a stage actress was as Eliza, opposite Roy Marsden as Higgins, in the 1997 West End production of Pygmalion (Albery Theatre), produced by Bill Kenwright. On the 18 June, only ten days after rehearsals began, the original director walked out. The next day Lloyd left the production, amid rumours of her having been "asked to leave" (a highly unusual step in the theatre-world) and stories of threatened resignations from the rest of the cast if she had stayed. Her part was taken by newcomer Carli Norris (which made her name) and Ray Cooney took over as director.

Her next theatre work was as Bella Kooling in David Farr's Max Klapper - a Life in Pictures, presented at the Electric Cinema as "a play with film".

In 2002, she appeared in the thriller The Honeytrap, shot in London and directed by Michael G. Gunther, in which she starred alongside Valerie Edmond, Anthony Green and Stuart McQuarrie. In 2003, she appeared as Ophelia in Hamlet at the Shakespeare Festival in Leeds and Brighton. In 2004 she was cast in the British television series Denial, the British counterpart to Sex and the City, but according to media reports this show was cancelled. In 2008 Emily Lloyd made an appearance in the short film The Conservatory by director Reed Van Dyk.


In 1997, immediately following the Pygmalion production problems, Lloyd went to India. She was scheduled to make a film about a blind girl and she had an audience with the Dalai Lama. While waiting for the audience, she claimed that she was bitten by one of the temple dogs. The effects of the injury and having taken too many Lariam tablets resulted in her claiming that she had contracted rabies. This was later changed to Attention Deficit Disorder. She was "released" from the film, as the medication she was taking caused her to "have difficulty remembering her lines".


Year Title Character Director
1987 Wish You Were Here Lynda Mansell David Leland
1989 Cookie Carmela 'Cookie' Voltecki Susan Seidelman
1989 In Country Samantha Hughes Norman Jewison
1990 Chicago Joe and the Showgirl Betty Jones Bernard Rose
1991 Scorchers Splendid David Beaird
1992 A River Runs Through It Jessie Burns Robert Redford
1994 Override Avis Danny Glover
1995 A Hundred and One Nights
Agnès Varda
1995 Under the Hula Moon Betty Wall Jeff Celentano
1996 Dead Girl Mother Adam Coleman Howard
1996 When Saturday Comes Annie Doherty Maria Giese
1996 Masculine Mescaline
Gary Love
1997 Welcome to Sarajevo Annie McGee Michael Winterbottom
1997 Liver's Ain't Cheap aka The Real Thing Lisa James Merendino
1998 Boogie Boy Hester Craig Hamann
1998 Brand New World aka Woundings Kim Patterson Roberta Hanley
2002 The Honeytrap Catherine Michael G. Gunther
2003 Riverworld Alice Lidell Hargreaves Kari Skogland
2005 Hey Mr. DJ Angela Danny Patrick
2008 The Conservatory Audition Monitor Reed Van Dyk

Television appearances

  • 1988 Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute
  • 1997 An Audience with Elton John
  • 1997 Light Lunch
  • 1996 Strangers (TV series) Episode: Costumes (with Samuel West)


  • 1987 National Society of Film Critics Award Best Actress in Wish You Were Here
  • 1987 Evening Standard British Film Award Best Actress in Wish You Were Here

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  • Daughter of Roger Lloyd-Pack.
  • She's blue-eyed and she has dark blonde hair.
  • Granddaughter of Charles Lloyd Pack
  • Stated in a 2002 interview that she suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Syndrome. Her condition became particularly acute in the late 90s and early 00s, which was the cause of her disappearance from the entertainment world. OCD can never be cured, but with sufficient willpower sufferers can win through and lead normal lives. A profession in the entertainment industry makes a recovery particularly difficult. Her recent assignments indicate she has obviously made great strides in the right direction.
  • Originally cast in the role of Rain in Husbands and Wives, and footage was shot. Director Woody Allen decided it wasn't working, and replaced her with Juliette Lewis.
  • Was originally set to play the lead in 'Tank Girl (1995)', but dropped out when she refused to shave her head for the part. The role ultmately went to Lori Petty.